Ambassador Xiao Jianguo Attended the Launching Ceremony of Quarry Blasting for Tibar Bay Project
2019-07-22 15:34

At 11:00 am on 12th July, 2019, the Launching Ceremony of the Quarry Blasting for Tibar Bay Project officially started with loud explosions. H.E. Dr. Xiao Jianguo, Chinese Ambassador to Timor-Leste, and H.E. Mr. José Agustinho da Silva, Minister of Transport and Communications delivered a speech at the ceremony respectively. Mr. Geng Xiewei, Commercial Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy, H.E. Mr. Joaquim dos Reis Martins, Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, H.E. Mr. Filomeno da Paixão de Jesus, Minister for Defence, H.E. Mr. José Manuel Ramos-Horta, Former President and Former Prime Minister of Timor-Leste, H.E. Mr. Faustino da Costa, General Commander of PNTL, Mr. Demétrio de Amaral de Carvalho, Secretary of State for the Environment, Mr. Mário Ximenes, Secretary of State for Land and Property and other Timorese dignitaries, representatives from Chinese enterprises and institutions and Timorese media attended the ceremony.

Ambassador Xiao said that infrastructure construction is the prioritized area for Timor-Leste’s development, the important area of China and Timor-Leste practical cooperation, and also one of the key areas of aid from China. Our two countries are highly complementary and there is enormous potential for cooperation. He hoped that China and Timor-Leste will deepen friendly cooperation under the framework of the Belt And Road Initiative, and that Chinese enterprises will operate in compliance with laws and regulations, seize business opportunities, so as to improve domestic infrastructure in Timor-Leste, and to make contribution to the development of friendly relations between our two countries.

H.E. Mr. José Agustinho da Silva, Minister of Transport and Communications, thanked Chinese enterprises for their efforts and contributions to the Tibar Bay Project, saying that the project will effectively promote the development of tourism, industry, commerce, logistics and other industries in the Timor-Leste, expand foreign trade and promote economic diversification. It is also of great significance for Timor-Leste to get rid of dependence on oil economy and achieve sustainable development.

Afterwards, Ambassador Xiao and Mr. José Agustinho da Silva and other Timorese dignitaries cut the ribbon for the event.

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