Notice on Pre-departure Testing Requirements for Foreign Nationals (Updated in July 2022)
2022-06-30 23:50

Starting from July 2022, the requirements of pre-departure PCR tests for passengers leave for China from Timor-Leste will be updated as follows:

1. General principle

Passengers who transfer to China via other countries need to take pre-departure PCR tests and apply for health code both in Timor-Leste and China-bound countries.

2. Testing requirements

Two separate PCR tests are required within 48 hours prior to board the flight and must be administered with a sampling interval of over 24 hours. 

The two tests must be conducted by different testing facilities or two different detection reagents in the same testing facility.

3. Requirements of testing facilities

Legal testing facilities in Timor-Leste.

4. Apply for a health code

Foreign nationals can log on the following website to apply for the Health Code:

5. Personnel with a past history of infection

After confirmation of recovery, two PCR tests are required(the sampling time should be at least 24 hours apart), and the proofs of negative PCR test should be sent to the embassy via e-mail ( Those who have no abnormality in health monitoring within 14 days after the second negative PCR test report is issued can participate in the "double PCR" test within 48 hours before boarding.

For those who are in close contact and have suspected symptoms, they need to be monitored for 5 days. If there is no abnormality during the period, the testing requirements before boarding are consistent with those of ordinary personnel.

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